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About Parliamentary TV

With the idea of upholding and disseminating successful works of the Hon’ble Members of both houses of Parliament on the public platform, a project called ‘Parliament Reporter’ is being introduced. Through this platform we bring news, views, and good works based on MPs to the public. It covers not only the Indian Parliament but also Parliaments across the world.

www.parliamentarytv.com, a website, its Mobile application along with all platforms of Social Media, an E-Paper and soon would be available in Print in the form of a Bilingual well-circulated Newspaper would be published. Now, apart from the promotion of the Hon’ble Member of Parliaments, we have finalized to promote those who have contributed for nation-building in a different arena.
This concept is supported by RTB Media Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service Digital Media and Online PR consultancy, a different service provider-based Company established in 2017 having head office in New Delhi (India); working across the globe.

Parliamentary TV

  • News
  • Views
  • Interviews
  • Complaints / Suggestions / Messages
  • Articles
  • Speeches / Statements
  • All Positive activities

Our Services

  • We promote Hon’ble MPs’ initiatives and achievements made during their tenure is published & promoted with all Positive Aspects and Developmental Works, Pro-People Schemes etc. through all available platforms.
  • Book Writing: based on Life Achievement Works of the Successful Leaders.
  • We make Available Research Material for Hon’ble MPs / Politicians.
  • We produce videos based on different success stories.
  • We provide Online Reputation Management (ORM) Solutions for Hon’ble MPs / MLAs / Other Political Personalities.
  • We make publish Books/ Booklets/ Magazines/ Souvenirs based on the Achievements of Hon’ble MP/ MLA / Other Political Personalities. We organize awareness programs/campaign in the respective constituency to connect the Masses with the personality.
  • We manage Media Organizations to Publish News / Articles / for the same.

Why Parliamentary TV?

It is said and well-known fact that due to lack of sound awareness regarding the beneficiary planning of the Governments, people remain deprived.
So ’Parliament Reporter’ is a step forward to introduce every planning & proposal of the Central Govt./State Govt. and its execution done by MPs/MLAs in their parliamentary constituencies/Assemblies for the sake of betterment of public and could be directly benefitted from.
We Make Positive Images of Hon’ble Member of Parliaments / MLA / Other Political Personalities and also produce short films on the achievements of Hon’ble MPs / MLAs / Central Government / State Govt. planning, its execution with each activity related to the same and viral it through our available platforms.


You can track each and every information and activities of MPs as well as both the Houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) like Business, Question, Debates, Press Release, Paper-Laid, Legislation and others along with the Live Coverages through our Platform www.parliamentarytv.com

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