About Us

With the idea of upholding and disseminating successful works of Hon’ble Members of both the houses of Parliament on the public platform, a project called ‘Parliament Reporter’ is being introduced. www.parliamentreporter.com, a website and its web application. It will be an E-Paper and soon would be available in Print in form of a Bilingual well-circulated Newspaper.

We would promote Hon’ble MPs’ initiatives and achievements made during the their tenure would be published with all positive aspects and developmental works, Pro-people schemes etc. in the website and also in form of the E-paper and also beside Print, it would have robust social media platform connect with maximum netizens Pan-India. Your cooperation and help is solicited for successful launch of ‘Parliament Reporter.’

It is said and well known fact that due to ignorance of beneficiary planning of the Governments, people remain deprived from its benefit. So Parliament Reporter is a step forward to introduce each every planning of the Central Government and its execution done by MPs in their parliamentary constituencies for the sake of awareness of public.

We make positive profiles of Hon’ble Member of Parliament and also produce short films on the achievements of Hon’ble MPs. It may be the form of News, Views, Documentation, Documentary, short films or as requirement. We have our team in each state in India which will play a key role in vitalizing these contents in the respective state and constituency.

Through this platform, everyone can aware activities of their MPs and their achievements. Moreover, if you have any issue, suggestion, complaint or any message for your MPs, deliver freely through the ‘Complaint’ column Parliament Reporter. Parliament Reporter reports Parliamentary News of other countries also.